New Style Crossover

We are now building a new style crossover for the Cornscala, CS1 or CS1.5 speakers.  We can incorporate this new style crossover into the cabinet backs we cut, or, if you are building your own cabinets, this crossover is pretty easy to incorporate into your design.  You would just need to cut a hole 4" X 4" in the back panel.

Reason for this style of crossover:

People have asked us for a way to have bi-wire/bi-amp capability for our crossovers and also some want an easy way to have binding posts on the speaker.  This crossover does those two things.  If you leaving the shorting link in place, these crossovers function exactly like the others we provide.  To access the bi-amp function, you remove the shorting link on the back terminals and use the top set as input to the HF section and the lower terminals as input to the LF section.

Raw Cedar Board with routed area for the binding posts.  Board is 6" X 15".


Other side of the board:


This is the completed crossover.


Here is the other side.  The only part of this visible from the back of the cabinet is the terminal area.


Here is a prototype installed in a cabinet.  This crossover was a test so was not finished.  Different terminals on this one also, so just consider this a reference, not exactly how the shipping ones look.  


And, from the back of the cabinet.


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