Replace Forte II Crossovers

Here in this section, I am going to show how to replace the original crossover in a Forte II speaker with our B & K Sound Forte II crossover.  With minor differences, this is the way that you would change out the crossovers in many of the Klipsch speakers including the:

Forte I,  Forte II, Quartet, Chorus I, Chorus II, Heresy II, Cornwall II, KG Series, KLF Series, Academy, and KLF-C7.

In all of these cases, you will need to remove the old crossovers (usually from the back of the input terminal cup) and install the new crossovers in a new location.  For this speaker and others with a passive radiator, removing the passive radiator will give access to the area where the new crossover can be mounted.  For speakers without a passive radiator, removal of the woofer may be the way to gain access to this mounting area.

Forte II Specific Instructions:

Remove the Passive radiator from the back of the speaker.


After removing the passive radiator, put it in a safe place to prevent damage to the radiator.


A look inside the back with the passive radiator removed.


Now remove the screws holding the input terminal cup.


Here is a look at the original crossover from the inside.


Input terminal cup with crossover outside.


Three pairs of wires (in the case of this speaker) go from the crossover to the drivers.  You will want to notice which wire is positive and to which terminal of the drivers that positive wire hooks up to.  Each pair of wires have one black and one colored wire (red, green and yellow in this case).  The colored wires are connected to the positive terminals of the drivers.  It is good to pay attention now to make sure you know which is the positive terminal on each driver.

For this speaker, we have good access to unplug (and later reconnect the wires for the woofer and the midrange through the passive radiator opening. You will though need to remove the tweeter to get to it's wire connections.


Now we work on getting the original crossover removed from the input terminal cup.

Remove the two screws holding the autotransformer.  We need to move it out of the way first to have access to one of the screws that holds down the crossover circuit board.


Now we can remove the screws that hold the circuit board in place.


Time to place the new replacement crossover in position.  For this speaker, the perfect place will be mounted flat on the bottom of the cabinet.  Velcro tabs will hold the crossover in place.



Notice that now we can remove the crossover and place it right back on the velcro tabs.


Bring the input wires from the new crossover out through the hole for the input terminal and connect them to the input terminals.


As we connect the wires from the new crossovers to the drivers, you may need to close up the connectors a bit to get a snug fit on the driver terminals.


Route all the driver wires to the drivers and connect them.  


Re-install the input terminal cup.


Connect and install the tweeter.


Re-install the passive radiator.


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