Crites Speakers

We have several excellent speakers designs for you to consider. You can read more about them on the side, but here is a brief break-down of them:

Update 1-9-2022

The Style A, B, and C speakers are now available for purchase again! The CS-2 is currently unavailable. Should be able to resume production of the CS-2 in early March.

Update 10-5-2021:

Due to a parts shortage, I have to suspend selling the Style A, B, and C speakers. I will update as soon as parts are back in stock.

Update 9-9-2021:

Like so many companies, we are beginning to have some difficulty in getting some parts. In particular, Eminence (our woofer manufacturer) is very behind on filling orders. Becuase of this, we are making a slight modification to the Style B, C, an D speakers to use our CW1526F steel frame woofer instead of the CW1526CF cast aluminum frame woofer. This will result in a decrease in the price of the speaker by a little bit.

The CSC-1 is a great 2-way center channel speaker that is designed to work with any of our designs and and works well with many other manufacturer’s speakers.

The CS-1t is a bookshelf-sized 2-way speaker that has room-filling sound in a small package.

The CS-1.5t uses the same components as the CS-1t, but has a taller cabinet that is ported. This allows the same room filling sound to be augmented by fast, punchy bass response that is quite a bit lower than the CS-1t can manage.

The CS-2 is a great sounding 3 way bookshelf style speaker.

The CS-3 is a very nice sounding 3 way floorstanding speaker.

The CS Style A and B are identical 3-way speakers except that the Style A has all of the drivers mounted to the rear of the motherboard, while the Style B has all of the drivers recessed into the front of the motorbloard. The Style B is our most popular speaker!

The CS Style C is a 3-way design made for rough service or industrial use.

The Style D is a 2-way design with horn that makes for unique audio dispersion in the room.

Two more exciting designs are coming soon! Check back for more!

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