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This page will show new products and updates to existing products

Update 1-9-2022

For many years we have had the ability to purchase some lower cost inductors and then unwind them to appropriate values for many of the crossovers we build (particularly the KG series). Recently, our supplier for these became so unreliable that we have to consider them to be just unavailable. Becuase of this, I set out to have Universal Transformer, that builds my other inductors and autotransformers for me, to work up making all of the exact values that I need for these crossovers. They have come through on this and we will be transitioning all of these crossovers to their inductors. These are a much higher quality inductor, but they do also come at increased costs and I have had to adjust the pricing on the crossovers to reflect this change. 

To help with these price increases, I have decided to also begin offering the Series 2 (Dayton) capacitors on my new crossover builds as well. You will have the option for the highest quality capacitors and inductors using Sonicaps (Series 1), or a lower cost, but still good quality capacitor in the Dayton (Series 2). 

I have also adjusted the wording on the site to reflect that we are now offering shipping at no additional cost on the parts within the US. Non-US customers will need to contact me for shipping pricing.

Update 10-27-2021

Today I have opened up Canada and many EU countries as well as the UK and Ireland for purchases on our web store. I have also updated some pictures of our crossovers and added the following new items to the web site:

New C-401 400Hz plastic horn:

New Crites Speaker Style 2

New Crites Speaker Style 3

You can read more about the CS Style 2 and CS Style 3 on the Crites Speaker page here: Crites Speaker

Update 10-4-2021

After 19 years, my cedar board supplier has let me know that he is retiring. Until I am able to find a new supplier, I will have to transition my crossovers to the same high quality birch plywood that we use to build our speakers. I will be updating pictures on the website as I am able to take new pictures.

Update 9-9-2021

Today we are adding some new items to the site! I realize with the recent pricing increase for Sonicaps that it pushed those crossover rebuilds and new crossover parts out of some budgets. I have worked out a supply of Dayton 1% capacitors to allow me to add a lower cost rebuild kit option for most of the crossovers. While I feel that the Sonicaps are a good value for a long lasting cap, these Dayton caps are still superior to the old and worn out caps in crossovers over 20 years old and will get the crossover back into spec. For labeling efficiency, I will be calling rebuild kits with Sonicaps “Series 1” and rebuild kits with Dayton “Series 2”. Please see the kit pricing here: Crossover Rebuild Kits

Update 8-11-2021

Today we are excited to introduce the new A-55G/2 midrange driver. This driver builds on the already excellent A-55G with an improved diaphragm that allows for even lower distortion than the A-55G had. The A-55G/2 is an amazing sounding high quality driver! These new drivers are $450/pair plus shipping. You can read more about this new driver here: A-55G/2 Driver Info

Also, please be sure to check out our page about our in-house speaker designs! We have info back up for our CS-1t, and CS-1.5t as well as colsolidated the other speaker design pages into one place to find our Crites Speaker Style A, B, C, and D as well as our CSC-1 Center Channel. Read more about these speakers here: Crites Speakers

Update 7-30-2021

I have removed the previous updates about the phone to declutter this page a bit. Our phones are in working status. Please be aware that, at this time, I am the only one here to answer the phone so if you call and miss me, please leave a voice mail and I will return it as soon as possible Please speak clearly and carefully, especially with your return phone number. I do not have caller ID so I will not be able to return the call if I cannot catch your number in the voicemail. Email is also a great way to catch me -

Other important notes: As you may be aware with the ongoing pandemic, supplies of parts are running low, transportation is crazy, and the effects of inflation on the US Dollar are starting to be felt more and more. Recently, my capacitor price costs doubled or more and that necessitated an adjustment to pricing. The plywood that we use to build speaker cabinets climbed in price along with other building materials. I have no way, right now, to know for certain if other pricing or supply issues will be affecting us. I am doing my best to buy ahead and keep things in inventory and to keep pricing as low as possible.

UPDATE 01/01/2020

All trade names, logos, and trademarks contained within this website are property of their respective owners and are only used to identify their products.  Products advertised for sale on this website are made by or for B&K Enterprises.  None of the products offered for sale on this website were obtained from Klipsch Group, Inc.  We are proudly in no way affiliated with Klipsch Group, Inc.

UPDATE 09/13/18


We now have a new cast aluminum 700hz horn available.

You can read about these new horns HERE

UPDATE 03/27/18


We are pleased to announce that we now have a cast aluminum 600hz horn available.  

You can read about these new horns HERE

UPDATE 02/05/2018

A lot of people seem to find my website and want to ask about something.  But, they then ask the question on the eBay message board.  Please, Please do not do that.  On that eBay message board, I am only allowed to discuss things that are for sale on eBay.  As soon as the conversation gets around to something I have but that is not listed on eBay, I am not allowed to answer the question.  I am not even alowed to tell you on the eBay message board that you will have to contact me directly for that type of question.  eBay is very serious about this.  Already got suspended for a week and threatened witth being banned from eBay if I answer those questions.  Just send me an email:

UPDATE 08/15/16 

(Note 8-11-2021: The A-55G is discontinued and has been replaced with the A-55G/2)

We are happy to announce the availability of a new product.  This is a new driver to replace the Klipsch K-55X, K-55V, K-55M, K-51V or any others with 1 3/8 thread.  These are a product of John Allen of High Performance Stereo.  He has invested 10 years and $150,000 in development of this driver which he is convinced is the best midrange driver ever made.  I think he is right.

The A-55G Midrange Driver.

Read more about this new driver HERE

UPDATE 09/15/15

We are proud to announce the availability of a new tweeter to use as a replacement of the Klipsch K-77 and K-77M.  This tweeter is also a replacement for the EV T-35 tweeter.  We have called the new tweeter the CT120.  This tweeter is an improved version of our CT125 Tweeter using the same horn with a higher quality driver, the B & C DE120.

More about this new tweeter HERE

UPDATE 3/24/12

Today we did final testing on a new speaker.  This will be for use as a center channel.


UPDATE 3/13/12

Lots of people have asked us to develop a replacement woofer for the K-23 and K-25 in the Forte and Forte II.  We are happy to announce that the CW-1230 woofers are in stock and ready to ship.  We expect to find more uses for this new 12 inch 4 ohm woofer in our upcoming products.


UPDATE 1/21/12.

The Cornwall risers are in stock now.

We have been asked to make some risers that would fit a Cornwall or our Crites Speakers Style A through D cabinets.


People have asked us if we could make some slant risers for the Heresy speakers like were, at one time, offered by Klipsch.  We have them now.  They are ready to ship.  MORE INFO

We often are asked how to determine the age of Klipsch speakers.  The following chart may help.



1946-1947###001 (ending #021)

1948-1961####0121 (starting #0121


1984-1989YY WW ####89281234

1990-1997DOY Y2Y1 ####135791234

1998-2000YY WW ####00281234

1962-1983 Letter format

A = 1962  F = 1967  K = 1972  R = 1977  X = 1982

B = 1963  G = 1968  L = 1973  S = 1978  Y = 1983

C = 1964  H = 1969  M = 1974  T = 1979 

D = 1965  I = 1970   N = 1975   U = 1980 

E = 1966  J = 1971   P = 1976  W = 1981 


1946-1961 dates can only be found in log book (eng. Library)

DOY = day of the year

YY = year (i.e. 99,00…)

Y2Y1 = 2nd digit of year, 1st digit of year

WW = week of the year

Date code on drivers (1994) Example - 9429 = 1994, 29th week of the year / YYWW

† Klipschorns of this vintage had the s/n hammer stamped into the tailboard, woofer access door or inside 

the woofer chamber.

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