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UPDATE 03/18/2015

Another picture of Grandpa Crites with Levi and Hannah.  They are back visiting for a few days.  Levi is now 2 years and 2 months and Hannah is 1 year and two months old.  Grandpa Crites is older also, but let’s not get into that.


UPDATE 8/12/2014

This is an updated picture of Grandpa Crites with two of the grandkids.  Levi in now 19 months old and Hannah is 7 months old.  I will not get to see them as often from now on as I have before because they are moving to Texas.  I will surely miss them.


UPDATE 2/1/2014

This is Grandpa Crites with Levi and Hannah.  Levi is almost 14 months old and Hannah is 5 weeks old.

IMG 0953

UPDATE 1/10/2014

Here is Hannah at 12 days old.


UPDATE 12/29/2013

This is my newest granddaughter, Miss Hannah Elizabeth Crites.  Born at 7:53 this morning.  Weighing in at 6 pounds 14 oz she is doing fine as are her mom Amy and Dad Michael Crites.  

IMG 0455

Hannah and her big brother Levi.


UPDATE 10/11/2013

This is my newest grandson, John Paul Crites.  Born September 13, 2013.  He is with his parents Paul and Noemi Crites and big sister Naomi in Guatemala.  


UPDATE 10/11/13

A couple of new pictures of Levi.  He is a healthy 10 month old now.


B & K Enterprises is a small family owned company located in the Gumlog community near Russellville, Arkansas.

The B & K Sound division of B & K Enterprises provides personalized service for your Klipsch speakers.  We can service and repair most of the drivers and crossovers.  We also have some of our own products that are replacements for the original Klipsch parts.

We can either perform the repairs at our shop, or, if you are a DIY type, we can provide the parts for you to use.

UPDATE 3/24/12

Today we did final testing on a new speaker.  This will be for use as a center channel.



UPDATE 3/13/12

Lots of people have asked us to develop a replacement woofer for the K-23 and K-25 in the Forte and Forte II.  We are happy to announce that the CW-1230 woofers are in stock and ready to ship.  We expect to find more uses for this new 12 inch 4 ohm woofer in our upcoming products.


UPDATE 1/21/12.

The Cornwall Cornscala risers are in stock now.

We have been asked to make some risers that would fit a Cornwall or our Cornscala Style A through D cabinets.



People have asked us if we could make some slant risers for the Heresy speakers like were, at one time, offered by Klipsch.  We have them now.  They are ready to ship.  MORE INFO


We often are asked how to determine the age of Klipsch speakers.  The following chart may help.



1946-1947###001 (ending #021)

1948-1961####0121 (starting #0121


1984-1989YY WW ####89281234

1990-1997DOY Y2Y1 ####135791234

1998-2000YY WW ####00281234

1962-1983 Letter format

A = 1962  F = 1967  K = 1972  R = 1977  X = 1982

B = 1963  G = 1968  L = 1973  S = 1978  Y = 1983

C = 1964  H = 1969  M = 1974  T = 1979 

D = 1965  I = 1970   N = 1975   U = 1980 

E = 1966  J = 1971   P = 1976  W = 1981 


1946-1961 dates can only be found in log book (eng. Library)

DOY = day of the year

YY = year (i.e. 99,00…)

Y2Y1 = 2nd digit of year, 1st digit of year

WW = week of the year

Date code on drivers (1994) Example - 9429 = 1994, 29th week of the year / YYWW

† Klipschorns of this vintage had the s/n hammer stamped into the tailboard, woofer access door or inside 

the woofer chamber.

B & K Sound, 1925 East Gum Log Rd. Russellville, AR, 72802 phone-479-967-1542